Alejandro is one of the leaders in Argentina in terms of full stack, Nodejs and Javascript Backend Development. Not only has he been involved in node.js from its early stages, but he is also a teacher and a coordinator in the main academy that brings new technologies to students, CoderHouse.
Alejandro's experience of new technologies and international clients, and his soft skills make him an ideal candidate to lead teams that work with new technologies and to succeed in remote challenging projects.


Buenos Aires, Argentina



Node.js JavaScript JQuery MongoDB C# Scripting Design Patterns Cloud Computing Ethical Hacking Redis OOP Bookshelf.js


Sr. Full Stack Software Engineer
2017 – Present
Alejandro works with several clients using Node.js to power core parts of their business, from RESTful APIs, MBasS to real-time systems. He is also in charge of managing container architectures like Docker Swarm.
Senior Backend Developer
nearForm specializes in helping enterprise companies succeed in their use of microservice architectures and Node.js. Alejandro worked on the improvement of the code quality and helped to maintain internal libraries. The client stack used Docker, Mocha, Istanbul, Node.js, Express.js, PM2, PostgreSQL, Redis and MQTT.
Senior Backend Developer
WillDom (Auction Mobility)
2015 - 2016
Auction Mobility's white labelled auction platform provides best-in-class mobile, tablet and web solutions. Alejandro helped to make the Node.js backend of the platform more stable and resilient and, at the same time, improved the tooling for the development workflow. Auction Mobility stack was composed of Node.js, Express.js, Bookshelf.js, Passport.js, PostgreSQL and Redis.
Lead Developer
2015 - Present
Altoros provides consulting and managed services with Cloud Foundry PaaS, multi-cloud deployment automation and complex Java/.NET/Ruby architectures that make heavy use of SQL/NoSQL/Hadoop clusters. Altoros employs 200+ engineers across 7 countries, including one of the largest pools of Cloud Foundry expertise of the market. Fast-track services (4-12 weeks) include single-cloud deployments of Cloud Foundry and integration with relational and NoSQL databases.
Alejandro specializes in Javascript Full Stack, mainly Node.js.
2014 – Present
He mentors students who are learning about Backend with a Node.js course and also organizes several workshops, including “PostgreSQL with Node.js” and “Redis and Node.js”.
Node.js Program Coordinator
2014 – 2016
He worked in order to constantly improve the syllabus with the most relevant technologies in the Node.js ecosystem and was always on the lookout for the best educational methodologies to implement on class. He recruited and trained instructors, mentored students and worked with the community to organize Node-related events.
Senior Software Engineer
2014 - 2015
He was a Node.JS developer in a full-stack Javascript platform. He worked with Redis, Express.js, MongoDB and debugging tools. ES6 evangelist.
Software Engineer
2013 - 2014
He worked as a backend developer in a full-stack Javascript platform. His main achievments were:
● He made a complete code refactoring and re-design of the statistics module with great results, improving MongoDB performance.
● He improved resilience to uncaught errors on the webserver via blackbox testing.
● He used static analysis tools to detect code errors and code smells, and to improve overall code readability.
● He conducted stress tests on the platform to analyze bottlenecks.
● He carried out data analysis of statistics and data visualization through D3.js.
Software Engineer
2012 – 2013
He worked as a full-stack developer in a 4-people team in charge of training an entry-level programmer. His achievements were:
● He created and maintained the JavaScript specific module of the project.
● He forked jqGrid and added customization for the requirements of the project.
● He created a Node.js parser for big data focused on performance.
● He integrated NHibernate in a project branch for demo purposes.
● He integrated NHibernate mapping with Fluent NHibernate in a project branch for demo purposes with great results.
● He added cross-browser support for the web application (Chrome - Firefox).
● He integrated a Javascript benchmark framework with the dev environment for performance benchmarking.
● He optimized PostgreSQL database relations.
● He added Quart.NET integration to the project.
● He integrated multi-language feature with UI (Javascript).
Software Engineer
AKEA Solutions
2011 – 2012
He was in charge of the development of tools for custom requests that included web and backend environments. He integrated Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) with current working tools/apps.
He worked on continuous integration processes, agile software development and projects based on test-driven-development.
Languages he used in order of relevance:
● C#
● Javascript
● Flex
Support Engineer
GE Money
2009 – 2011
He was a Level 2 support, which involved Networking, Active Directory, DHCP maintenance and applying security policies, and VisualBasic scripting.
Software Engineer Intern
He worked with .NET Framework 3.5, CSS2, AJAX, Mootools, SQL Server 2005 and JavaScript.

Frontend, Backend, Full Stack,
JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, among others....