Javier is a unique developer and teammate. He is not only a talented developer with almost 10 years of experience in the industry, but also an open-minded person who can think outside the box when needed.
Among the variety of projects he has taken part in, Javier performed a challenging role in a startup called Joincube, where he was responsible for leading and implementing the technology of the startup. He is also an innovator in terms of new technologies, as proven by his involvement with node.js at Tekii, while the technology was still new and in development.


Buenos Aires, Argentina



JavaScript Node.js ReactJS AngularJS Java Spring MySQL Linux JWT MongoDB PostgreSQL Go


Full Stack Software Engineer
2016 – Present
He is the Lead Software Engineer of an internal CRM like product. He joined the company to contribute his expertise to the development of a Node.js RESTful web app. His goal is to design an easy, scalable application that enables real-time collaboration. He aims at coaching young talent to further develop this application.
He uses Express as a RESTful server of JSON, with a cluster of Socket.IO servers for real-time messaging synchronized by a Redis server. For the client side, he has chosen ReactJS, not only for its flexibility, but also for its promising mobile framework, ReactNative, which will be the mobile solution of choice.
May 2012 – Jan 2016
He was part of the founding team of Joincube (a company focused on developing communication solutions for the corporate needs), which represented one of the hardest and most rewarding professional challenges of his carreer. He successfully designed a technological strategy that scaled within the company's budget, team size and business goals, in the context of a fast growing and very competitive market.
He designed, managed and implemented the application architecture based on three main technologies: Javascript (Node.js, ReactJS), Go and Java. The stack was able to run in Google App Engine, as well as any other VM cluster compliant, such as AWS.
He mastered ReactJS, which became his tool of choice when developing the client's side code, and he also used AngularJS in depth.
The application scaled seamlessly due to its micro-service oriented architecture, based on RESTful APIs and asynchronous message queues. His team was able to scale horizontally to serve 600 request per second with an average latency of 130ms. The database was almost written only, since all real-time messages were managed by web sockets.
He also enjoyed coaching developers, as a way of contributing to building a stronger team.
He came up with a “flexible scrum” approach to cope with the constant changes in the requirements. Whenever the requirements were stable, they had regular sprints, but if there was an experimental feature being developed, they started defining, developing and releasing their backlog almost daily or as soon as possible.
Full Stack Software Engineer
Factor IT
Feb 2011 – Apr 2012
He developed the core framework for BBVA Seguros' web application (Banking & Insurance Industry). He successfully migrated an outdated ORM framework based on XML using XQuery, which enabled the team to switch to the new environment with neither trouble nor cost. He coached his teammates through a course on "Advanced Javascript techniques", in which he explained the Prototype Paradigm and how to use it properly to model a client side component.
The previously mentioned application was based on JSP only (no Java classes), and he successfully designed, implemented and deployed the core authentication and authorization framework that was then used throughout the company. He focused on making a smarter client app with Javascript by enabling all data to be loaded asynchronously and client side rendering.
Javascript Developer
Tekii S.R.L.
Apr 2009 – Mar 2011
Tekii was one of the first companies to work with Node.js. He learned a lot about Javascript and Google V8 Javascript Engine. Thanks to this experience, he gained a vast knowledge of Javascript, Linux and XQuery, among other technologies (such as Java, Ruby and Python).
He took part in the development of a web application that tracked medical supplies, providing traceability information and metrics. The application was used by major pharmaceutical companies in Argentina.
He followed an agile approach (Scrum), closely involving the client in the development process.
Java Developer
Oct 2008 – Mar 2009
He was a Java Developer of an internal software for project management. He mastered the Object Oriented Paradigm and design patterns.
Java/PL-SQL Developer
Nov 2006 – Feb 2007
He was part of Santander Rio's anti-attrition group, which was in charge of developing mathematical models that identified client's profiles. He learned a lot about PL-SQL, Java and JSP by making SQL queries and showing the results in a web page.

Frontend, Backend, Full Stack,
JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, among others....