Martin is a pragmatic Computer Engineer who has been working on a wide range of software projects over the years, using different languages and technologies. Over the last 3 years, he has been focusing on a pure Javascript stack (Node.js and Angular.js mainly) to build real-time single page applications. Besides, he actively participates in the Open Source community and has developed a web framework that he currently maintains.


Buenos Aires, Argentina



Node.js JavaScript ReactJS AngularJS Linux Git Python CoffeeScript Django C++ MongoDB Scrum


Team & Tech Lead
WillDom, US (On site)
Dec 2015 – Present
He is responsible for opening and nurturing opportunities with new clients from the technical point of view.
He leads teams in terms of organization and technology, and trains other developers if needed when needed.
Senior Full Stack Engineer JS
WillDom, US
Nov 2014 – Nov 2015
Project: GoDaddy, USA – Website Builder
Nov 2014 – May 2015
GoDaddy’s Website Builder allows users to build their own personal or business website without any technical knowledge, using a nice WYSIWYG interface. Additionally, a user can select one out of hundreds of pre-existing websites (themes) and customize it according to his needs.
The web app was originally built using .NET and SQL Server, and has evolved through the years to become a huge application, with a user base of hundreds of thousands of users building millions of websites. After several scalability issues, the company decided to migrate the app to a more modern tech stack: Node.js and Cassandra.
The size of the code and the data to migrate made it a highly complex task. Since GoDaddy could not find enough Node.js developers with the needed expertise in the US, they decided to work with a team outside the US to migrate one of the core components of the app, namely, the themes module. This international team was composed of two people at WillDom, and led by Martin. His team worked directly with a team at GoDaddy in the US, totalling around 15 developers.
Team size: 15
Link to the project
Full Stack Web Developer JS
Mar 2014 – Present
• He is currently developing TheFC, a mesh network of content connected by topic, distributed by embedded widget.
• He developed LiveScreens, a new service that delivers functionality to broadcasters to encourage and enable viewers using “second screens” (connected tablets, smartphones and portable computers) to respond directly to the content within live TV shows. It was built using node.js, Amazon Web Services and AngularJS.
Full Stack Web Developer JS
WillDom SA
Jan 2012 - Feb 2014
He was in charge of all the technical decisions and implementations of a startup called Acekia, a web based test management tool. The prototype was built in Django and then migrated to a single page application & REST json API using AngularJS, node.js, CoffeScript, MongoDB and Twitter Bootstrap.
Web Developer (Django)
Oct 2011 - Feb 2012
He worked on the development, bug fixing, performance improvements and deployment of a construction management application using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, JQuery, Mercurial, nginx.
Software Developer (Java, PHP)
Intelligenx Inc
Aug 2010 - Aug 2011
• PaginasAmarillas.com & GuiaMais.com: He maintained the search engine written in Java, used as the backend for most yellow pages sites in LATAM. His tasks included bug fixing and the implementation of features related to geolocalization.

• YaSabe.com: He developed a Java web service for a ‘local search’ site using a proprietary search engine similar to Lucene, which provided an interface for the frontend written in PHP. He also implemented the subscription module of the site with paypal integration and wrote some migration scripts for MongoDB.
Web Developer (PHP)
Mar 2009 - Sep 2009
He developed several web applications using the LAMP stack and maintained the internal web framework written in PHP.
Assistant Teacher
Buenos Aires University
May 2010 - Dec 2010
He was an assisstant teacher at an “Algorithms and Programming II” course. His responsibilities included the correction of exams, group monitoring and teaching classes. The topics covered were data structures (lists, trees, graphs) and object oriented programming with C++.

Frontend, Backend, Full Stack,
JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, among others....